Bloomberg Fumbles, As Expected

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Michael Bloomberg this week was no longer hiding behind his millions in ad spending and campaign offices all across the country. For perhaps the first time in years, Bloomberg was challenged for his past in a way that exposed his past actions front and center.

This past Wednesday, Bloomberg took the debate stage in a much smaller field than in debates past. Six candidates, including Bloomberg, participated in a Nevada primary debate ahead of today’s Nevada Caucus. And, amidst all of the chaos, one thing seemed clear throughout the night: Bloomberg was the exact speaker that we knew he would be. He failed miserably in addressing the problems of his past and he failed to come to bring forth substantive policy justifications for his candidacy as a whole.

Bloomberg just off his past alone should not have been on anyone’s radar as a presidential candidate. Whether redlining, whether stop and frisk, whether choosing to ask to cut Medicare and Social Security, this man is not even a moderate Democrat; he’s a straight conservative, former independent and Republican within the past two decades. His policies have caused harm to the lives of thousands of Black Americans, and he has a history of sexual harassment and ludicrous conduct around women.

Yet, pundits have chosen to put forth Bloomberg as the candidate who could be “electable,” a concept I’ve written about at length as to why it’s been a problematic issue. But, CNN talking heads and more importantly American voters had been willing to push aside some of those problems because they saw him as the candidate best positioned to defeat Trump. That seemingly has been the talk of the political sphere for the past few weeks as his polling numbers rose due to the increase in the ad spending and media discussion of his campaign.

All of this completely appeared to not matter on Wednesday. He appeared extremely flat, not asserting his space in the debate, and ultimately proving to every single progressive that Bloomberg will not be the one to unseat their movement. As results are coming now for Nevada with Bernie seeming to have a strong lead as caucuses results are coming through, the progressive movement in the Democratic party is seeming to break away and show its strength.

Apathy by moderates, primarily with Bloomberg’s performance on Wednesday, is what is emboldening progressives as this race continues to pick up. All we know at this point is that it seems that the future of all of politics will be far more progressive with or without a true progressive at the top of the ticket. That’s something I think we all can begin to appreciate when we see people fighting for the rights of all Americans are finally being recognized.

Being Noah Tesfaye #120: Bloomberg Fumbles, As Expected

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