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  • Nina Monei

    Nina Monei

    I advocate for Black children first, last always. I write about race, gender, sexuality, spirituality, healing from trauma, Black media, art, and culture.

  • Adam Mahoney

    Adam Mahoney

    Black Journalist (he/him) focused on Black life, police and prisons. Split living between 310 and 312. Words in the Guardian, BuzzFeed and many more.

  • Manny Adewale

    Manny Adewale

    a college student who's interested in sharing his thoughts. www.youtube.com//channel/UCmN114mK1WFlThmjnNNSUIg

  • Alex Lewis

    Alex Lewis

    I eat a lot of ice cream, I tweet a lot of ice cream. Listen to the Alex + Koku podcast. He/him.

  • Drew Costley

    Drew Costley

    Drew Costley is a Staff Writer at FutureHuman covering the environment, health, science and tech. Previously @ SFGate, East Bay Express, USA Today, etc.

  • Consisting Fiction

    Consisting Fiction

    A game design enthusiast with an eye towards narrative design

  • Dan Nguyen

    Dan Nguyen

    Lifelong student.

  • Jamsheed Mistri

    Jamsheed Mistri

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