Hi. My name is Noah and I’m a coffee addict.

For much of my first quarter of college, I relied on an obscene amount of caffeine to get me through the day. I’d drink coffee at any time of day, during the mornings two to three times, once per afternoon, and two or three times at night. I built a high tolerance that resulted in me losing not only sleep, but no longer prioritizing sleep at all. I say with confidence that there wasn’t a single evening where I ever was in bed by 12 AM. It led to a habit that neglected my own ability to be the student at times I would have wanted to be, even be the human in general I wanted to be amidst my constant state of fatigue.

During the course of my three weeks at home, I attempted to wain off coffee being an everpresent part of my daily routine. I knew I would never not drink coffee, as it’s just something I love for the flavor and for the community and relationships it builds. But, I knew that I would need to balance both drinking coffee and also maintaining a strong sleep schedule. With the rest I took over the time back home, I attempted to swap that into my routine every single day on campus.

Although I really know the first few weeks are more mellow, the quality of life improvements have been huge. It’s super cliche and almost naive of me, but I really am just in awe at how much more relaxed above all else I am with the extra hour I’m forcing myself to take. I may still have a decent amount of general fatigue, but there are no moments where I feel sleepy throughout the day. What it also requires of me is to be even more conscious of my own time management. I feel my own personal pressures to get all of my assignments done, and as a result, I am more on top of maximizing my productive hours.

Naturally, as I’ve been able to get more sleep, I also am consciously reducing my coffee intake for my own well-being. I went from four to five a day towards the end of the quarter to now just one or even no coffee at all. I’ve been able to curb my dependency on caffeine, which isn’t just something I know is great for my wellness, but also for my pocket. I feel more focused and sharp throughout the day on one coffee than I ever really was with four or five a day. My mood is better generally in large part because I don’t spend every single waking day frustrated at my lack of ability to focus, a positive but also sort of hidden side effect.

All of these changes were things I did know when I was sacrificing my sleep, but I didn’t ever truly grasp how much better I am because of the rest. But, as irrational I was for taking those steps, I will say that I am glad I’m realizing these lifestyle habit changes are things that I want to continue to prioritize. The eight hours makes me a better student and a better person, so at this point, it’s just about me pushing myself ot be the person I know I want to be. And I’m ready to continue that.

Being Noah Tesfaye #115: I Really Need My Sleep

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