Will The Plan Going Forward Work?

Noah Tesfaye
3 min readMay 7, 2023

What does it mean to live a good life?

I’ve been watching more playoff basketball this year than any time since I started having finals during high school. I have had more time to just sit on my own and pass off ideas in my head throughout the years in a way that has been foreign to me. It’s been refreshing to really watch Bron for the first time game by game since the bubble and really lock in on seeing a possible fifth championship run on the way. I have been giving myself a chance to also slowly dive back into some random Netflix things I’d added to my list over the last year and really secure something exciting to tap into.

What does any of this have to do ultimately with living a good life? It’s because I'm asking myself time and time again, throughout all these moments that I thankfully can now think for myself, what are the ways that I genuinely want to structure my life in meaningful ways? What practices do I want to adopt in this next phase of my life, not immediately tethered to my time as a student? Does it mean I give myself more structured reading and writing time to devote to projects that aren’t my thesis? How can I continue to take care of my well-being both physically and mentally in an honest and mature way? What are the necessary ways I can seek to maintain the relationships I have in my life with the people that I care about the most?

I think that for too long I always placed what I would actually need to take on individually as a necessary factor for me being able to be the human, organizer, and scholar-in-training I know I could be. I think at times I gave so much of all the energy I had to just show up that I never attempted to ask what it is specifically I would be hoping to achieve for the rest of my life. I have to really consider what it means to truthfully use these times of “rest” or just not being full throttle on the gas as a means to really be self-critical about how it is I do the work I want to get done.

I have been putting together the pieces for a period of serious introspection and the chance to really think about who I have become. I don’t know when I will ever write here about how much school almost broke me these last four years. That in itself will require even more out of me to continue to piece together what my life has become in spite of such challenges. I will need to reconcile all the various pieces of these last four years. But that’s what I think will allow me to set things up for the rest of my life in an optimistic and hopefully exciting future. It’s just up to me to actually will that into existence. I think that in that particular moment, after considering how far I have made it, I could maybe end up living a good life.

Being Noah Tesfaye #284: Will The Plan Going Forward Work?

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